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Neil is available as an independent author, co-author or ghostwriter.

Magazine Articles

Neil specializes in the financial markets, writing about everything from hedge funds to market and industry reviews; technical topics like securitization, credit derivatives, securities lending and risk management; and financial industry regulations. Whether the topic is commonplace or arcane, Neil draws on his prior experience in the markets to explain complex concepts in terms anyone can understand.

His first-hand experience is invaluable when interviewing sources, too. Neil can converse in industry parlance and then translate colloquial jargon into plain English accessible to a broad audience: brokers, financial advisors, money managers and other industry professionals as well as the general reader.

Neil also writes about energy, including the oil industry, wind, electrical power transmission and the next generation of nuclear power plants.

White Papers

Neil is available to write research papers for clients in the financial services, energy and related industries.

“Neil O’Hara has unique and intelligent market insight and a capacity to encapsulate complex ideas in a straightforward and meaningful way. He always reacts coolly to market events and his analysis is never over-blown. He is a deep thinker and this shows through in his work. His high grade coverage of the financial markets has been vital to the growing reach of FTSE Global Markets. We could not have started on this process without him and we look forward to working with him for years to come.”

- Francesca Carnevale, Editorial Director, FTSE Global Markets

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